EMIGRES: Paul-Henri Durand


Paul-Henri Durand
Born: 13 July, 1960
          in Montpellier, France

          Institut Le Rosey ('77)
          BS in Computer Science,
            ETH Zürich ('80)
          PhD in Astrophysics,
            Cambridge ('84)
          Artifical Gene User

          Computer Scientist,
            First Expedition
          Peritus, Émigrés

Religion: Roman Catholic

Other Relationships:
          Alphonse Durand (father)
          Maria de Bourbon (mother)
          Emmanelle Durand (sister)
          Victorie Durand (sister)
          Miko Kununsagi (partner)

Cousins to the Legitmist pretender to the French throne, Paul-Henri and his sisters recieved the best education money could buy. Attending the Institut Le Rosey from age 8, Paul Henry graduated in 1977 with a baccalauréat très bien. From there, he attended ETH Zurich and Cambridge before going on to work with the European Space Agency.

After France was read on to the Stargate Program, Paul-Henri was assigned as the French liason to Area 51 before being chosen to join the First Atlantis Expedition after the Battle of Atlantis.  Following the recovery of the Tria crew, he was almong those who requested to remain in the city.

During the Second Exodus, he obtained a teaching position at Yale  - a university which also took in his fellow former Expedition member, Irfam Abaza. Together they were able to steal copies of the galatic maps that the SGC had commissioned the university to create using data from Prometheus and Daedalus as well several of the base materials needed to create the ATA gene therapy. He is currently wanted in the United States for espionage and grand larcony, as well as by the French goverment for treason.

Additionally, he has courted fellow Émigré Miko Kununsagi from the summer of 2006, although few other Expedition members recongized it as such. His efforts succeed in the fall of 2007, when the couple were engaged. They married on 10 December, 2007 - the third of such marries among the Émigrés.