EMIGRES: Adi Ahavah


Adi Ahavah
Born: 30 September, 1965
          in Jerusalem, Israel

          Captain in IDF Haman
          BS in Applied Physics,
            HUJI ('85)
          PhD in Condensed Matter
            Physics, MIT ('92)
          Artifical Gene User

          Physicist, First Expedition
          Perita, Émigrés

Religion: Jewish

Other Relationships:
          Omri Ahavah (father)
          Hila Mikkelsen (mother)
          Irit Ahavah (sister)
          Irfam Abaza (partner)
          Issur Ahavah-Abaza (son)

Her father, having survived both the Warsaw Ghetto and the Treblinka extermination camp, was one of the earliest members of the Jewish community to relocate following the creation of the Israeli state. Only 19 at the time, he joined the IDF and rose quickly through the ranks, eventually becoming a Brigadier General in the Directorate of Military Intelligence. For this reason, his family was among those targeted in a 1980 suicide bombing, killing his wife, Hila (a Danish Jew whose family had taken refuge in Sweeden during the war) and his 12-year-old daughter, Irit, and injuring his then-14-year-old daughter, Adi.

Having entered university early, Adi was granted a two-year deferment to finish her degree in 1983, after which she served three years in the Israeli Intelligence Corps. In 1988, she resumed her studies as a graduate student in Condensed Matter Physics at MIT, where she earned her PhD. Following graduation, she worked for the Israeli military for several years before being chosen as that nation's representive on the First Atlantis Expedition. Following the recovery of the Tria crew, she was almong those who requested to remain on Atlantis.

During the Second Exodus, she was given an illustrious research position at Caltech - a university which had also hired former First Expedition members Hyun-Sook Che and Vasily Chziov. With their help, she was able to appropriate several military-grade lenses and laser parts the Confederation would have been unable to purchase or machine for themselves. She is currently wanted in California for grand larceny and by the Israelis for treason.

Additionally, she has an on-again, off-again relationship with fellow Émigré, Irfam Abaza, which resulted in a high-risk pregnancy 2007. Their son, Issur Ahavah-Abaza, born 5 February, 2008, was the first child born on Atlantis in ten thousand years.