Once Upon A Time commentary

Believe it or not, I've actually started to enjoy Once Upon A Time.

Don't get me wrong, the show has issues. It has a plethora of issues, starting from this plot makes no sense, even for those on drugs to holy hell, what were you thinking, no one behaves this way, even in fairy tales. The flashback sequences also annoy me more than anything else, because seriously that's what half the show is. I even tried to explain the family tree to popkin16 once and I don't think I ever really succeeded.

That being said, in the last season and a half two ships have come about that I've really enjoyed, largely because their handling of them is mature, adult, and developed beyond you boy, I girl, let's get married.

The first is between Emma Swan and Captain Hook, which yes, sounds weird, but it actually does work. It takes into account Hook's previous relationship issues (he's kinda messed up after having spent the last 300 years as a pirate and trying to avenge the death of his first love, Milah: Rumplestikein's wife and the mother of the guy who would be Emma's son's father; it's complicated) (she's kinda messed up because Neal, her son's father, continues to screw her over while continuing to claim to be in love with her, and her other pre-relationships have ended badly; not to mention she was raised in foster homes and all that). But it develops slowly, they come to trust each other, and then they finally learn to love each other - this while being claimed to be true love for a while now. In short: they don't just get together, and they don't just play will they, won't they.

The second is with Regina (the evil queen from Snow White) and Robin Hood. And, yes, they're true love too, and it's messed up background, and what not, but you can see her learning to love and him learning to move past his wife's death - at least, until said wife is brought back from the past. Then it gets into the realm of adultery and whatnot that I'd hoped we'd left behind in S1, but still. It's a very adult, largely mature plot that you have to give them credit for, because it's not just we met yesterday let's start dating.

The fanfic realm is kinda sparse, but there are a couple good ones. Mostly though, despite the Froze theme that has taken over S4, I really am starting to enjoy the show - despite the stupidity that often abounds. You get some real decent moments for all the fairy tale crap and it's almost worth it. If you need something to flicker in the background, this will do.

It'll never be one of my favourites, but it's got me hooked, I'll give you that.
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