Sorry for the lack of activity lately - my internet in my apartment was down for a week or so and school has been absolutely crazy.

1) I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL. Well, techincally, I got into the 4+1 program, which allows me to take grad classes and count it towards both my undergrad and grad degrees, but it amounts to the same thing. I'll be starting next semester, should graduate next December, and have my masters sometime in 2016. One of my professors is known for her work in NP completeness, so maybe I can find a way to work with her.

2) It's that time of year. Exams are coming up, so expect fewer posts until that's over. But on that note, IF YOU WANT A XMAS CARD, LET ME KNOW. If you signed up last year, I'll still send one, but let me know if your address has changed. I love you guys and want to make sure you get everything in time, expecially if you live overseas.

3) Work on AJ has been ploding, but popkin16 tricked me into working on a Ronon story. I blame her entirely. But it should be cool, and its fun worldbuilding. I think I've gotten too bogged down in John and Rodney and need to remember that there are other people in the story as well.

4) I've also been replaying the Mass Effect series, which has also been taking away time from everything else, but it's fun. I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through with ME2. I'd forgotten hwo much I loved this game.

5) I've also been tagged to lead this program to help retain female CS majors at my school - counting everyone who just takes a CS class,19 out of about 200 of us our female, and only 7 or so are actual declared majors. Two graduate this year. So yeah, I have my work cut out for me. It's time consuming, but what can you do?

6) Work is going well (I'm actually at work now, because my 1 class for today got cancelled after I arrived on campus and there's no point going home when I have to work and go to my research cluster and the female CS thing later tonight) and they still love me, so yeah. I'm doing more non-web things, but it's with an am to expanding my position to full time after I graduate. So yay indeed.

7) That should be it. I love you guys and hate bowing out like this, but c'est la vie and I should be popping in and out until exams are over.

Congrats on getting into grad school! Well deserved and hard earned, I am sure. I would LOVE a Xmas card, I will give you my new address as soon as we speak on Skype. As for tricking you into writing a Ronon story, well you were the one who said you had a hard time writing him :P I thought fleshing out his character in your mind might help with that :P I am innocent! Still: a Ronon story, yesss.

Good luck retraining CS majors. I am the only girl in my computer class - the other one dropped out after the first week.
We are a small group, but we are strong. I think.

As for Ronon, it would be easier if he wasn't just so HARD TO WRITE. Mostly because I'm not sure I'm getting the tone of it right anymore....

*Sigh* We'll see how it goes.
I'm so happy to hear things are going well, even if you are very busy :) Congratulations on getting into grad school! And yay for everything else too! See, you get asked to do things because you are so talented! ^_^

Good luck with everything, and pop in when you have time :) And happy writings!

(Oh, I've totally not even thought about Christmas cards O_O I want to send some out too! I have to make a big note of that somewhere...)
I know. But I recently got a package from Scotland, which took like a month to get here, so it made me think I should get a move on about these things when it finally arrived. I'm not ready to think of Xmas either, but I have little choice.
A whole month! I don't think cards and letters should take that long to travel overseas, packages are always a different matter. But it's good to start thinking early :) (I know I should, with the number of times I'm likely to forget this before December arrives.)

Oh and my address is still the same, but I will be traveling during the holidays, so it may take a while for me to see your card, but I will look forward to it :)