Fall Break

Hey guys! It's fall break at last, but I seem to be getting more SU done than AJ - though I think I've finally pinned down exactly how I want this chapter of AJ to go. We'll see what comes first.

In other news, I survived a dinner with my parents and my brother yesterday, which wasn't actually too bad. I'm not sure if my dad actually noticed my new ear peircings (I've gotten 2 more in each ear since I last saw him, for a total of 4 in each), or what hair managed to stick out from under my hat, but if he did, he didn't say anything. For which I am grateful. Any family event I can get through without yelling is a good event.

It's doubly good, because I couldn't get a hair appointment until today. I don't remember if I told you, but my attempt to transiton from the red I had at Squee Weekend to a dark purple went badly, and so now, a a couple of weeks later, I got it taken care of.

After 5-and-a-half hours and more money than I would care to admit, my hair now looks like this:

photo copy

With luck, I'll be able to get some AJ and another SU done before the break ends, but don't hold your breath. Writing has been slow going of late and a few days of break might not change that all that much.

I'm relieved the dinner party went well. Your hair looks FANTASTIC.
Luckily it is - if it had been any finer, none would have survived the purple. I'm glad you like though; I was a little worried about going that dark.