Just A Thought

With the new season of H50 out, I was thinking what is the last show I watched just to watch?

I watch H50 for the explosions and the McDanno (there's no other reason to watch, really). I watch SPN for Destiel, or used to. I watch NCIS mostly out of a sense of vicious selfloathing. And Sherlock for Sherlock himslef and Game of Thrones because it's the I Love Lucy of the modern era and gives you a conversation topic any where you go.

But then I realized: Stargate: Atlantis was the last show I watched and enjoyed in its entirely. Sure, there were parts I liked less than others, but SGA was the last show I genuinely loved. And I miss it so badly. Even able to rewatch it whenever I want, I miss it. I want new episodes. (Well, no, I don't; it's hard enough rewritting 5 seasons. I don't need more, but you know what I mean). I want more.

Or maybe I just want better television standards. Who knows?
I so know what you mean. I feel like Stargate Atlantis has spoiled me for any other TV programme. I always had at least one series I used to follow but since watching SGA I haven't been able to get into any other show. I used to watch NCIS and followed H5O and NCIS LA for a couple of seasons along with the first season of Suits but I just can't get into a show or the characters the way I did SGA.

May fanfic last a very long time!
I know. Sometimes I think the quality of tv has gone down, at least in plots, or else we have watched too much and become immune to it as it were. Still, if there's nothing new under the sun, they used to rehash it better