To Do List:


Buy a family tree maker program. A new one. Make a tree of the british royal family. Add in all other european royal families. Add in their cousins. Follow the younger siblings and daughters as far back as I can go. Keep adding anywhere reliable records can be found. Extend the branches out until it encompases everyone currently alive. A family tree 7 billion strong.
Good idea and for the royals check out wikipedia for details but also the official website
The European Royals and Brits are all intermingled l know a few bits just ask
Yeah. I know a bit myself. But I'd love to see how everyone's related. All the branches of the family tree they usually don't show, you know?
You have motivated me to work some more on my own family tree where l have found ancestors over three and four hundred years and my 7th great grand father dating back to 1700 was a Sheppard!
Wow! I really need to work on mine. It's hard, because neither of my parents talk about their families much and I'm not close to the grandparents. We could be related some way back though - my mom was British. Her family came over when she was 4 and the rest of her cousins still live in England.
Who knows considering my family extends all over we could be.

I signed up to it gave me hints and access to records but it does cost me £12 a month to gain that access