Thoughts on TOS Kirk/McCoy

So, there was a Star Trek movie marathon on SyFy today. Of course, by the time I found out, they were already halfway through The Motion Picture but, lucky me, Netflix has it on instant queue. Now, it's been, oh, probably 15+ years since I'd seen it, but tell me if this clip doesn't just scream Jim/Bones.

The transcript (from Chrissie's) is below, emphisis my own.

KIRK: That has a familiar ring, doesn't it? Starfleet, this is Captain Kirk. Beam that officer up now! ...Well, for a man who swore he'd never return to Starfleet.
McCOY: Just a moment, Captain, sir. I'll explain what happened. Your revered Admiral Nogura invoked a little known, and seldom used, reserve activation clause, simpler language, Captain, they drafted me!
KIRK: They didn't!
McCOY: This was your idea! This was your idea, wasn't it?
KIRK: Bones, there's a 'thing' out there...
McCOY: Why is any object we don't understand always called a 'thing'?
KIRK: ...headed this way. I need you. Dammit Bones, I need you. Badly!
McCOY: Permission to come aboard?
RAND (OC): Permission granted, sir.
McCOY: Well, Jim, I hear Chapel's an MD now. Well, I'm gonna need a top nurse, not a doctor who'll argue every little diagnosis with me. And ...they've probably redesigned the whole sickbay, too. I know engineers. They love to change things.

Now, it's one thing to read the script. It's another thing entirely to see it. I never gave much thought to Jim/Bones in the original TOS - probably because, when I watched them, I was too little to even think about ships of any sort, let alone slash, but you gotta admitt... This is definetly a sign of something. 'Cause god knows how many of my non-romantically-entangled friends go around saying I need you. Badly.

Also watched Wrath of Khan and, well, besides being a far more exciting moving than ST:I, the Jim/Bones interaction in ST:II can be read that certain way. Especially in that moment on the bridge when Saavik's taking them out of dock and Bones asks if Jim wants a seditive...

Le sigh. I guess given anything, you want make arguments for anything else, but these bits of fuel definately are helping the fire.
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