Thor 2 commentary

I have finally watched Thor 2.

My delay had largely to do with my overwhelming ambivolence to Thor as a character and his relationship with Jane as a ship. And while I get slightly more oh, they do make sense as a couple feelings this movie, I'm still largely ambivolent to the whole series.

Granted, Jane's adoration of science was great, and there were a number of wonderful one-liners ("Why are there so many shoes?"), the only thing of interest to me was seeing where Loki's manipulations would take his character. Everything else was kind of eh and even the final battle, while interesting, lacked any emotional thrust. For me at least.

I love the Iron Man movies - particularly IM3 - because everyone saves themselves. It is a hallmark of Marvel movies that DC lacks, in my opinion, but while IM3 was about the success of man - that the hero someone is is not dependant on their armor or weapons - Thor seems to come down to the fact that Loki will never learn and Thor will never learn to stop trusting his brother.

This is not to say that there weren't some great moments ("I've had a god in my head; I wouldn't reccomend it."), but Thor will always be the least favourite of the 3 main Avengers storylines (Iron Man, of course, is closest to my heart). I might watch it again, during another Marvel rewatch, but will never seek it out on its own.
I know what you mean. I've liked Thor's character development throughout the movies, (Avengers included) and though I'm not a such a Loki fan as some, I did find him interesting as a character, and actually kinda loved the chemistry between Thor and Loki. (The actors do such a great job in showing the intensity between them, but I still don't really feel like shipping them). The plots in themselves aren't that amazing, and the whole Jane/Thor thing did absolutely nothing for me, mainly because I just didn't like Jane that much.

But I love Darcy, and recently have found myself fascinated by Darcy/Bruce Banner, because ami_ven has written a couple of really nice ficlets about them ^_^

And oddly, my brain has been thinking about this idea with Steve/Thor, though I'm still not sure what to make of it :D
Good luck with that. Usually I ship Steve/Tony, just because writers have done such a good job with it. But Thor... I am just ambivalent about him and it shows.
I've read a lot of Steve/Tony, and I really like the pairing too, which is kind of why the whole Steve/Thor idea took me by surprise! Weird brain, weird muses, but they have their moments :D