Hello f-list!

Some housekeeping:

1) I've got a new theme. Enjoy. It is pretty, but has messed up some of my formating for anything that involves nested outlines. I'm working on this and it only really effects my timeline, so it is being solved. Somehow.

2) Based on feedback I got at Squee Weekend, I'm story-mapping AJ for ease-of-reading. This means making it easy to get from one story to another and putting all the drabbles in chronological order, so you could read it that way if you wanted. (See here, at the bottom, for a preveiw; I'm only thru part of S1. Because it's a lot of stuff.) But in the process I realized I should go back and add some things in. So, if you've any suggestions for AJ stories drabbles taking place in the first three seasons, let me know. My list so far includes:

  • "Runner" rewrite - aka, how they meet Ronon in AJ

  • The Death of Aiden Ford - aka, make it clearer he dies

3) Also, if you've any ideas for anything else in the AJ 'verse - glaring typos you've noticed, cover ideas for the eventual PDF compliation, a desperate desire for a dictionary - let me know. I'm in the databasing mood again.

4) School has been crazy this past week, what with catching up from Squee Weekend and the pile of things that they added on. The first round of tests is next week so, fun. My Research Group is working on Merkle Trees at the moment and I cannot get mine to work at all, but that's more of a hashing problem I think. Whatever. I'll figure it out. Eventually. Although it is dull.

Anyway, that's about it. It was wonderful meeting so many of you and I can't wait to do it again next year (yn).
I know, it seems like the universe wants to punish you for taking a few days off, doesn't it? I had to call in all kinds of favors in order to go, and I'm paying them all back in spades now. I got called into work three times today, when today was ostensibly my day off, and the next few days I'm booked solid all day long. Which is good, seeing as get paid on production instead of a steady paycheck, but man, I'm going to need a breather by the weekend!

So glad you got to come, even if you got pulled away early. :-)
And pulled away for nothing too, which is the worst. At least now I'm mostly caught up, even if the last couple of days have been frantic. Now all I want is a nice, boring weekend and some time to clean (which I desperately need to do, for all I lack the energy).

At least your paycheck is looking good.
I am crazy enthusiastic about the idea of Ancient John being made into a PDF. But this is coming from someone who made an updated version of A Farm In Iowa into a PDF edited the Geeks & Goon series in its entirety because reasons, and am currently editing a 100,000+ HP-based series into one long PDF (because the art included in the PDF file already made is ugly).

Still. Let me know if there's anything I can do.
Well, if you have any ideas for cover art, that would be great. But just trying to fit everything in chronological order is hard - I think i have all the drabbles, then there is one I've missed.

Also, writing is hard.
Hmmm. i'll have to think of what to do for the cover, my first thought is "Atlantis", but what about it?
I've always had this idea that the control chair should be on there somewhere, but I can't figure out more than that.
You are plenty creative. I just need to figure out what the frak I should do - and bring my work computer home with me one weekend to do it.
I have no doubt you'll think of something :D And hey, we have John in ancient clothing in Aurora, so that's something.
The episode that built an entire series.... More or less.

Writing is so hard bb. Why can't I get a good start to this next chapter? WHY DOES MY MUSE HATE ME SO?