NCIS S7 commentary

Oh, S7. You are as beautiful as you are flawed.

First things first: it took NCIS many seasons, but S7 is the best of them all. We have character development, we have sensible plots, and some pretty interesting things from all directions.

But god: M. Allison Hart. Nothing she has done this season makes any sense. It's like... Why are you obsessed with him? Why are you going about it in some bizzare antaganistc, schoolyard manner? Why did they decide to let you become a serious love interest? Gibbs obviously hates you - he couldn't be less into you if you tried - and yet here he is, suddeny randomly kissing you and involving you in his life. (And there had been such good Tony/Gibbs development until then too).

But other than Ms Hart and her problematic set of problems, it was a fairly decent season. The begining of the season, with Ziva's rescue, was powerful and had some wonderful Tony development. The involvement of so much family - Gibb's father, Tony's father - was annoying, but not terribly so. The end of the season, while having the potential to be interesting, didn't quite make it, but was still better than some of the other season finales.

In short: while not rushing of to S8, I'm not dreading it either. The show is finally becoming something, though 7 seasons is a long time to get there. I'm tenatively opitmistic, largely hinging on the future non-existance of Ms Hart. (And I did say I'd be done by Tuesday, didn't I?)
I'm glad the show is improving at least somewhat, though as you said - it certainly took its time getting there. I have no idea how you manage to hate-watch things XD
Glad to see you think at least some improvement has happened :D

But the women they try to pair up with Gibbs *sigh* I didn't really care for any of them. They might be good characters, but for some reason the attempts at relationships never work for me. The writers should have just dumped the romance and let them stand on their own.
The plot gets so much better in S6... though so far in S8 I've not been overly thrilled.

None of the women they've tried so far are believable. The mysterious red head was just weird, Madame Director was just creepy, the army LT might have worked if it had been handled differently, and the lawyer was just SO WRONG. The show doesn't need any romances, or any more that they already try to foist on us. It's just annoying.