This is your regularly scheduled update


What a long strange couple of days its been. I had to work the football game on saturday, which quickly devolved into monsoon-like conditions, and as a result of standing in the rain for hours I've come down with something. I've had to remind myself of this multiple times, as I've had various freakout about this "I'm getting sick" being other things, like mono. Because that would be my luck.

Anyway, besides the cold and the drop dead exaustion, things are okay. School is going well, though I'm still not entirely happy with all the integrals we have to do in physics. We're starting to learn C in my classes, which is enough like Java not to be too bad, and my other classes are really interesting. Though we are learning about Finite Automata in Theory, to the odd result I actually had a nightmare about a serial killer murdering people and placing their bodies into Finite Automata diagrams. I woke up filled with so much guilt it was absurd until I realized, hey, that was just the freakiest dream ever, but it did make for an interesting story. And the thing is that I acutally think they're really easy, so who knows what my brain was doing.

Excited for the Sqee Weekend this, er, weekend. I hope to get the last part of "Miles" up before then, but between this bone-deep exaustion and my school commitments tomorrow it might not happen. Le sigh. I have 2.4k words and need about 500 more to call it done. But emotions are hard and I've been on the rollercoster of late.

What else? Not much. I'm not looking forward to my research group tomorrow. Because of reasons. I've also been asked to mentor a freshman for the scholarship group, but I'm not sure what's going to happen with that because she doesn't seem very receptive to help. I should be at a ACM club meeting right now, but I just lack the energy to live right now - thus the worries about mono - and hope to be over this by this weekend.

That's about it. See you guys (some of you at least) on friday!