Random Randomness

It's strange. About once or twice a year I'll suddenly get a lot of reveiws for my first story, Someone To Run To, and it always makes me wonder who's rec'ing it out because it's been finished for five years now and is relatively obscure. But I've gotten like 5 reviews for it in the last week and it now has more kudos than anything but "Martyr" my AO3. It's very odd.

In other news, I went to a hackathon yesterday night at school. I almost didn't go because there's is only so much of some of the guys in the program I can take, but I did and had a great time - I ended up playing Super Dungeon Explorer with a couple of my classmates who I don't know so well and one of the grad student's girlfrends and died a horrible, violent death in a suicide run. There was pizza and cookies and I largely managed to avoid the guy I was looking to avoid. Though his girlfriend showed up not long before I left, and that has issues of it's own...

Anyway, it was nice, and I have to work the football game today because one of my work's recycling minions dropped out last second and I've never been able to say no to people. I should do homework, but I don't particularly want to. I just sort of want to hang around and do nothing all day. But I can't, because I was too nice.

Le sigh.
I am so, so glad you had a good time...despite anything :)