NCIS S6 commentary

I'm actually happy about an NCIS season for once. Granted, it took them 6 seasons to figure it out, but hey, they finally did. And wow, it was a powerful season.

To start with: I have come to actively hate Ziva. She plays this game where she is undoubtably, if not in sincerly in love with Tony, then undoubtably as jealous of him as a girl who either a) was spurned or b) had her heart broken. She is cruel and capricous with his feelings and is utterly schoolgirl in her affections - and yet everyone says that she'd never have him. It's Tony everyone assumes is in love with her. It's Tony to whom they ascribe every action as to gain Ziva's affection as opposed to the truth, which is universally to protect his team and his country. It's kind of disgusting really. Everything from "Legend" to "Aliyah" proves this in triplicate.

I'm also highly digusted by McGee, though less so. Tony seems to have to win him over every single episode from the start, and it's just obnoxious. And the amount of times McGee throws his education in everyone's face is just insulting. And the one time Tony makes a mistake - in "Bounce," which I'm still not sure was a mistake - everyone jumps on him for it, but anytime anyone else makes one...

But anyway. I'm thrilled for this season as compared to all the others. It was very strong and well written, and if I have issues with some of the characters, will, that's just me. (Also Mace from the backdoor pilot for NCIS:LA; how many spurned-almost lovers can Gibbs really have? It's a tiring, annoying, sterotypical angle and women do not need to be defined by the men they slept with or considered sleeping with.) The last 4 episodes were very strong, and "Murder 2.0" and "Semper Fidelis" may be my favourite episodes so far.

Also, I think it's very telling they chose "Semper Fidelis," always faithful, for the episdoe where Tony shoots Ziva's boyfriend. Not because he's being faithful to her, but because, like the Marine Corps it is the motto for, he's being faithful to his team and his country. It was a very powerful episode.

Also, the fact that I've taken up knitting while watching this and therby am not paying full attention to the TV may contriubte somewhat to my enjoyment of this season. (Also, S3 of OUaT is out on Netflix, which, while likely to be terrible, is free, and so I'm bound to watch it next. I need an NCIS break anyway.)
Some improvement is good, yeah? Even if parts of it is annoying. Just reading about the Ziva & Tony thing makes me angry.
It was irritating to watch. There were about 5 min in S3 that I could understand Tiva and that's it. Nothing since.