NCIS S5 commentary

Oh NCIS, how I love to hate you.

S5, it appears, coincides with the writer's strike. And it shows. The story lines become one-offs and flashback laden, the one-shot characters become even more cardboard than usual, and don't get me started on the aborted love interests that litter this season.

In short, while the overwhelming phobias of the previous seasons failed to return, they play it close to the line. The moments of "oh, ha, that was almost gay" between Tony and McGee are forced and verge on the offensive, though never quite cross the line. Ziva's preoccupation with Tony is mostly hurtful this season, if not outright cruel, and it makes one wonder why he might even consider her a friend.

The only standout moment of the season is Gibbs when he things Tony is dead. There are a couple of very heavy Tony/Gibbs moments in that episode that are worth watching for. Other than that, the only standout is how disheveled they made Ziva look when she had to kill that serial killer. That whole episode was ridiculous, but her costuming was well done. Even the way they got rid of Jenny, while needed, was trite and almost absurd.

Do I continue to S6? Probably, out of desperation, but without great anticipation. God help me.