NCIS S4 commentary

I know I said I was utterly disgusted by NCIS and its various phobias and was giving it up, but I lied.

I'm still disgusted by it, but it flickers and its distracting and there's a certain pleasure in constantly finding its flaws.

Once again, I'm disgusted by all the relationships on the show, particularly with the Gibbs/Mann one, if only because of the absolute nonsense it makes. The Tony/Jeanne makes moderately more, but only moderately, and I honestly can't see how he can be so "in love" with her and manage to lie to her for a year about who he is and what he does. I mean, a drug smuggler picked up on it right away. How could she not (but, then again, what do I know about relationships?)

As always, I cannot see how anyone can get Tony/Ziva as a real pairing out of their interaction on the show. Granted, Ziva has her moments where is kinda sweet, but mostly her interactions with him are cruel, more like the cheerleader in high school flirting with the nerdiest nerd to get him to do her homework. And Tony appears hardly more than passingly interested - as in, the more he knows her, the less he wants in her pants, even as a one night stand.

But that's just me.

Mostly, McGee annoyed me the most this season. Writing a book about your colleagues, barely disguising the fact that it's them, and then hiding it from them for ever has to be illegal, if not just plain mean. His whole "MIT" this and "I'm so smart" that has become very off-putting. Particularly as Ziva matures into an investigator and Tony has these moments where his maturity shines through.

Tony's character development was great, particularly in the moments he was allowed to be the leader. When he's not acting like a goofball, he's a great character, but the goofball moments are getting more and more forced, though thankfully less prevalent. Again, his relationship made marginal sense, but since it was fairly easy to realize that she was a mark the entire season, I accepted it for what it was.

Speaking of which: Jenny has stepped back on being the scorned ex and is now just scorned. Her actions, while less repulsive as a member of the female race, are just as repugnant, and this whole thing with her father is very shoehorned. But it makes the advice she gives Tony in the middle of the season about sleeping with Jeanne very, very sick, twisted, cruel, and possibly forcing him to prostitute himself.

Gibbs was... well, OOC the first part of the season and then rapidly himself again without proper character development. The phobias were less blatant this season, but still there. The Tony/Gibbs is also more visible now that Tony's acting his age...

And I'd stop, really, if I'd something better to watch. But I've found nothing yet, so... onto S5. Sadly.
I COMPLETELY agree: the more time goes by the less interested Tony seems. I think I read Michael Weatherly saying somewhere that he played it that way on purpose, or something. Actually, the more I think about it, the more I seem to recall Michael Weatherly being against Tiva completely.

I first happened upon Tony/Gibbs when reading Xanthe's McShep work. I had a friend make a list of Tony/Gibbs episodes, because I'm not interested in watching the entire show, but I wouldn't mind reading more of the ship. (She writes them very well, according to my friend.) And then I've never gotten around to reading lol.
I seem to recall that as well. The relationship is antagonist at best, definitely not sexual.

As for Tony/Gibbs, I only see it in snatches, but if there were more than one or two well written fics I wouldn't mind reading them, but there's not. I mostly just watch out of addiction now. Better than the ANTM addition I developed my senior year during Jan Term, but only marginally.
Yeah, I never saw Tony/Gibbs as this huge, obvious thing - not like McShep, for example. I know Tony/McGee is pretty big, but I haven't seen any episodes that really reinforce that for me.

The only thing I know about the NCIS fandom is the crazy Tiva shippers and Xanthe's work - I haven't really explored beyond that *shrug*
There are a couple episodes where they try to push the Tony/McGee thing - mostly this season, and mostly as a joke - possibly to just give slashers something besides Tony/Gibbs to focus on. I don't see it, but whatever. IF any ships exist, it is Tony/Gibbs, if only because it has the most moments that could be considered relationship buildup, but there aren't many. More than anything else, but still not many.

Again, I think this is a quality of watchers reflects in quality of fic sort of thing. The show is 90% stupidity 90% of the time, though it has gotten better with the seasons (barely), and the fic reflects this. IE, there are no Marine petty officers or female SEALS, whatever fic writers may think. But there are couple good fics, so...