NCIS S3 commentary

I have come to a conclusion about NCIS:

It is sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, and more than a little offensive to everyone else.

Granted, it has it's moments. There are episodes that surprise me, and there are moments where the characters are brilliant, but for the most part the episodes are as shallow and face-value as the characters, and every episode I watch causes me to become more and more disgusted.

It flickers, and for a while that was enough. But three seasons in the most that I look forward to are the moments when Tony acts like an adult, which are almost worth it. Almost. I officially wash my hands of the entire show.

I stopped watching it after Gibbs and Jenny covered up Ziva killing a guy. And also them fetishising torture. Ziva's Mossad doncha know. She knows all about torture.
I almost stopped there but I only had two episodes left on the season. The whole thing was absurd and embarrassing. I can't believe it's on it's 11th season.
Also it really annoyed me when they all started teasing McGee for either being gay or a virgin. Which made no sense as previously it was mentioned that he dated Abby.
That irritated me too, but not as much as the way they had Jenny falling all over herself around Giibs and had him just mess with her to get what he needed/wanted. That was entirely unprofessional and just plane embarrassing.
Well Gibbs was set up to be the alpha stud from the beginning. At the end of almost every episode from the first season, he'd jump into a sports car with some redhead, with everyone else gawping at him in awe. Now that was cringe making!!