Hawaii Five-0 S4 commentary

And my obsession has brought me to the end of S4 already. And with a month and a half until the premiere of S5, I am conflicted.

I loved and adored S3. I am hopelessly in love with S1 (minus the stupid Rachel storyline that cropped up out of nowhere at the end). But I disliked large parts of S2 and am largely ambivalent to S4.

The problem, I've decided, is Kono. They cut her out of a lot of the early part of the season because, I discovered, she was pregnant in RL and it was just too hard to write that into the story instead of doing something useful with her character for 6months of TV time. So they felt the need to bring in a TOKEN FEMALE and decided that Catherine was the perfect one. Granted, she's a better character than Jenna or Lori ever were, but her storyline was complete BS and largely irritated me. Because her presence somehow necessitated RELATIONSHIP DRAMA and the whole Billy/Catherine thing that lasted for all of 2 episodes and came from almost nowhere, and her RANDOM VENDETTA that was dropped after like 4 episodes and then the random reason she almost sacrificed herself and went to track down a boy in Afghanistan... In short, they wanted a woman and couldn't decide what to do with her, so they did everything. It is a lot like Keller in S5 of SGA, only slightly better done. Slightly. Plus, we were never given any indication her relationship with Steve was serious and then all of a sudden, bam, it's hold-SWAT-at-gunpoint and jump-onto-moving-helicopters love.

But anyway. I like Grover, though once I placed him I had a strong desire to rewatch Pushing Daises. I like him, but his character was only minimally necessary. I don't know why he exists or whatever except to serve as a temporary foil for Steve and to give him a non-gay BFF. Or something.

As for the rest, well, they writers are trying too hard for plot. Nobody watches H50 for plot and, while I normally enjoy plot, I find it only makes things worse for this show. It is ridiculous explosions and shirtless Steve and the forwarding of the gay agenda. It is entirely too many special guest stars and leaping off of/onto/through inexplicable things. It is not supposed to have a coherent plot.

I feel better about the series than I did after S2, but barely. That might just be me - life has been interesting the last couple of days and not exactly conducive to the enjoyment of plot heavy TV - but I hope that S5 returns to the wonder that was S1 and S3.

As to what to watch next, I may end up watching Pushing Daises and popkin16 has suggested Total Recall 2070, but I don't know if I'm ready to be emotionally involved in anything that short at the moment. I should probably finish watching S9 of SPN or S2 of Vikings. Probably.

I'll figure something out.
Perhaps s5 will be another you love, since you seem to be enjoying the odd-numbered seasons :P