Hawaii Five-0 S3 commentary

The gay agenda has returned, and it is beautiful.

There is so much beautiful about this season, I don't know where to start. It is as if the writers realized everywhere they messed up in S2 with Jenna and Lori and Joe White and the stupid Shelbourne thing and just decided, okay, we'll give the people what they want. And what we wanted was explosions and an absurd about of stupid married gay Steve/Danny, and it's what we got.

So much of this season is straight out of fic it is beautiful and absurd. Episode S3E3, "Lana I Ka Moana," may be the most perfect thing I have ever seen, and the villains in "Popilikia" and "Wahineʻinoloa" were intriguing on a way H50's villains usually aren't. Even the often inexplicable presence of Catherine is handled well 90% of the time. In fact, the only episode I disliked is "Kahu," and that may only be because the child actor in the episode directly beforehand was so much better and the over obvious parallels to McGarrett were, well, over obvious.

The Doris storyline was handled better than I would have expected, though still mildly annoying, and "Olelo Paʻa" was more stupid than usual, but... I was mostly happy with this season. Like, as happy or happier than S1. I worry about what this means for S4, but once again I go forward ecstatic to know what happens next. (Though Steve's new haircut is just awful, if at last regulation.)
Ooo, so it picks back up in s3, eh? I stopped in s2. Maybe I should find the time to continue...
S3 is rather better than S2, but the whole "Gabby doesn't show up or get mentioned for nearly all of S3 but is revived as a love interest last minute" thing is a bit taxing.
Ugh, yeah. That's annoying. But if the gay makes up for it, even if some small part...
I honestly thought they'd just dropped that story line until the finale, where it suddenly became a thing.