Hawaii Five-0 S2 commentary

I have heard it said that Supernatural is a show with a wildly dedicated female audience that the writers would much prefer were male (and less socially aware). I imagine the writers of H50 feel much the same way.

S1 was a wildly exciting joyride of unnecessary explosions, much leaping over/under/through things, and a forwarding of the gay agenda (in that this is so gay sense). The start of S2 tried to increase the first two by taking from the third. The result was a more plot-heavy half season than I had become used to and the tragically terrible character of Lori Weston, who screamed I AM HERE TO BE A LOVE INTEREST in away few people outside of comic books actually do. They tried, I'll give you that. It didn't work, but they tried.

And when they realized it didn't work? They went back to the inexplicable gayness. I am so happy that they did that I can almost forgive the tragedy that was Lori Weston, as well as the continued annoyance that was Joe White, and the more or less I don't know why I hate you but I do character of Jenna. I can't quite overlook the unnecessary retcon that was Shelbourne or the equally inexplicable Gabby/Danny relationship, but whatever. It works.

The first episode of this season was a gem. The finale was a somewhat scattered, largely bizarre episode with what felt like 10 tacked on minutes no one knew what to do with and so they decided to do something incomprehensible. The rest weren't all that bad, though largely lacking in the feel-good rom-com romp of S1, and in many places embarrassing for all involved.

I think my liveblogging for this season was largely this show keeps getting more stupid, they are so married, and that was inexplicably hot. Why was Steve getting shanked/shot/tortured hot? And I still don't know where Steve jumped out of for that midair rescue. There were no planes in sight. Are we supposed to believe he can fly now? Though I do appreciate that Steve is less SuperSEAL and more just normal SEAL, and that the others get to have their moments of Super too.

In short: S2 was pretty good, but S1 was better. I'll still probably go on to S3, but I don't have the fanatical desire to see what happens next as I did before. I only hope the gay returns in full force. The gay is the utterly only redeeming value, though I am coming to appreciate the inexplicable hotness of fight scenes more.
This show is so weird, in that it's kind of terrible but very gay and addicting anyway. I confess I gave up halfway through s2 and have seen only scattered episodes beyond - and I've read a few things on tumblr. So all I can really say is: good luck. Let me know what you think!