And now I want to write a SGA/H50 crossover that involves Atlantis being towed rather closer to Hawai'i than San Francisco, for no good reason other than I want it.

But I have told myself I must finish this essay AND the current crossover I'm working on first. Which is probably for the best, as it would be a post-S5 fic, and wouldn't make any sense until I've taken AJ to that point, but still. (And I will finish the NCIS one. I just have to get through "Miles" first. I think.)
If you decide to write an SGA/H50 crossover, you have one guaranteed reader *grins*
as soon as AJ gets into post-series territory, you know it will happen. God, it might even end up being NCIS/SGA/H50.

I have problems bb. and I blame them all on you.