Hawaii Five-0 S1 commentary

I would like to take a moment to talk to you about H50.

First of all, I would like to blame popkin16 for this, as I do all things.

Second, I would like to state how incredibly stupid this show is. You don't just give people immunity and/or means, and the number of illegal things they do in an episode is frankly mind boggling. As is the number of things they jump off, onto, or through. I cannot begin to tell you which I found the most unbelievable.

Third, the gay. Oh god, the gay. I thought popkin was kidding about the sheer, unbelievable amount of gay in this show, but she was not. Where Destiel is this incredible story of two people finding each other and falling in love against all odds - a truly cosmic, star-crossed relationship; where McShep is this galaxy-crossing story of friendship and love - epic and fated; - McDanno is the gay date night movie we all pretend we don't watch but end up seeing a thousand times whenever it's in syndication, like 27 Dresses. It is completely and utterly stupid and meet-cute and I'm not even sure where the gay stops and the actual story begins, because everything in the series seems to be a vehicle for the gay. If the gays had an agenda, it would be this.

Alright. Now that that's off my chest, some critiques: 1) I cannot, physically, bring myself to believe Steve is/was a SEAL. I cannot. 2) I equally cannot believe that the Navy would let a highly-trained SEAL switchover to the reserves just like that. Yes, there was a governor involved, but the Navy has contracts and a vast monetary interest in their SEALs. 3) I also have trouble believing that any of them are police officers, but what the frak ever.

Also, the Rachel/Danny thing at the end is so completely contrived I cannot begin to tell you what the problem with it is. It's like the writers thought, "Let's do this," and did it. I mean, when you have to tell people that two people are in love, you're writing it wrong. You should be able to see it. And all we see of Rachel/Danny is a lot of hateful arguing and then some random post-sex stuff. With McDanno you cannot deny they are in love by like the seventh episode, at the latest. By the end of the season, there is so much, they are together that it completely trumps anything Rachel/Danny. As aadarshinah's First Law of Fandom states: whatever has the most evidence, regardless of canon, shall be the OTP.

For the first half of the season, I was entirely convinced that there was no plot, but towards the second half where it picked up with Hesse I quite enjoyed what plot there was, however ridiculous and compressed it was. But, again, plot as a vehicle for gay seemed very rampant. Though the whole thing with the governor was rather surprising, regardless of what I'd picked up from fic. I enjoyed it, and am shocked, and am so glad Danny didn't run off with Rachel because WTF. Also, I unreasonably hate Jenna. Do not ask me why.

It occurs to me I should just post my liveblogging of this series here, but since it mainly consists of this show is so stupid and this show is so gay it would probably be pointless.

In short, it was just the mind numbing TV I needed the last few weeks, and though I am tempted to go back and rewatch all S1 just to better appreciate the gay, but I'm intrigued enough that I'm going to start in on S2 right now, even though I've been assured it's all downhill from here.

Heh, I grinned throughout this entire post. The show is stupid, isn't it, but it keeps drawing you in with Danny and Steve's love. They are kind of stupidly in love, really, to keep with the theme.

In s2, they introduced a character I kind of didn't care for, so my fervent love declined a bit. And - from what I hear - they give us fewer and fewer Steve/Danny scenes in later seasons. But from what I can tell, when they do give us Steve/Danny scenes, they do tend to be doozies.
Well, I shall try S2. We shall see how that goes. I can always stop later (she says as she readies the needle).

I'm glad it amused you. It amused me. Because, seriously, it IS the gay romcom you never knew you needed.