Sorry to drop off the face of the earth, but things have got crazy here fast.


Good news: I can finally see out of my window for the first time in nearly a week. It has been so rainy/cloudy here that I could barely see to the tree line for a while. It was so cold I was actually wearing a sweatshirt - in NC in JULy - for a while. Granted, the mountains of NC. But still.

Bad news: My online class' professor has decided we all need to have our rough draft of our paper ready on the 25th. Which I've barely started. Our projects need to be done on the 30th, so I'm mildly worried. Add this on top of the fact that I will be away from computer almost all tomorrow because I'm going to a concert in Charlotte that I've been looking froward to until this very moment. And on top of this my work has dropped a HUGE InDesign/website project in my lap that needs to be ready to go by this friday and which I only have half the stuff I need for because no one has given it to me. We're talking about 70 pages of ID. Today alone I have received 30+ emails directly related to one or the other of these, on top of the usual mess.

I feel vaguely panically and have been working on these two issues most of the day. And now I will probably go and push off both of these problems by watching more H50 or reading fic for it, as it has become my new addiction.
You'll be okay, I'm confident. You're amazing, so~

It always helps me when I have a large workload to break it down into smaller pieces and keep working at it until I have a large portion of it done.
I'm sorry the timetables got so tight for you *hugs* But I'm confident you'll figure a way to make things happen, just because I know how smart and efficient you are, especially when a thing like this happens.

And no need to be sorry for not being around for a while, I haven't been that active myself lately.... I love the fandom because everyone understands that sometimes RL can be such a pain, that you hardly have any energy for anything else. But we always come back here eventually ^_^

I hope things get less busy soon, good luck with everything!
RL is such a pain sometimes. But my professor pushed back the day the rough draft is due, so things aren't so panicky now. Thank god.