Diana de Aynecuria Immunes

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Diana de Aynecuria Immunes
Born: 8250 BCE on Atlantis
Death: (assumed) 8206 BCE
            (actual) 5 December, 2006 CE

Occupation: Chief Medical Officer of Tria

Relationship to Iohannes:
Wife of First Cousin Once Removed

Other Relationships:
Iaquetta de Aynecuria Subadiuva (mother)
Melia de Aynecuria Cancellaria (sister)
Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha (wife)

Father never named, but likely
Zoroastres Myal Praetor

Diana spent her entire life dominated by powerful women. Her mother, Iaquetta, was one of the most powerful of her generation, though none of her contemporaries would have named her as such. A Lady Macbeth-like figure, she controlled the praetor she was adjutant to with a combination of wits and wiles until her untimely death in 8237 BCE, when the praetor's flagship, Mnemosyne, was destroyed by the Wraith.

That same year Diana, not quite thirteen, passed completely into the care of her elder sister, Melia, who had undertaken the brunt of her sister's raising in their mother's frequent absences. The following year, Diana reached the rank of tiro - the Ancient equivalent of gaining her medical license - and Melia became adjutant to Moros Lal, then-Head of the Council. The de Aynecuria star was on the rise.

Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha had other plans. In 8236 BCE, Helia was already losing political favor with her continued desire to renew her parents' Project Asuras, and never one to shy away from any course of action, she set out to seduce powerful Melia's young sister to gain the political backing she needed. But while her seduction was successful - Diana and Helia wed some scant months later, when the former was barely fifteen and the later already forty-five, - Helia significantly underestimated the degree to which Melia listened to her sister. Melia cut ties and renewal of Project Asuras was never even raised before the Council.

Diana, now under Helia's thumb completely, was another pawn in her wife's games. While Helia's seduction had worked on a young girl, her political enemies were not quite so naive, and Helia sent Diana after them in a manner more suited to chess than people. If Diana knew how she was being used, she never said.

She died during the Alteran Massacre in December 2006 CE, following Tria's return to non-relativistic speeds.