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As part of the outpouring of love I received from yesterday's admittedly worrisome post, one of my reviewers found their way from ff.net to lj, and expressed surprise that I am, apparently, female.

Now, I've never made a secret of the fact, but my recent loathing of ff.net has left me to leave a lot of my author's notes out of the stories I repost there, so I guess they never really had any indication either way. But the point of fact is, they pointed out that most fanfic writers seem to be female, but they had been certain I was male.

Now, I don't know if most fanfic writers are female, though most of those I speak with are. Some of my absolute favorite fics have been written by men. But why the certainty? Is it because that AJ is rather broad-streching, often times more concerned with politics and ideas and world-building than I am with the romance aspect of it - my few attempts at sex scenes being rather pathetic failures? Is it because all of the great world builders I can think of in literature - JRR Tolkien, GRR Martin, JK Rowling, CJ Cherryh - are all either men or go by their initials to be presumed as male, so as to sell better? Is it because I am admittedly writing a gay romance with two male leads and admittedly few strong female supporting characters? Or is it because in the English language, the male pronoun is the default?

Or am I just reading too much into this? It's entirely possible. I happened to be reading something about Maria II of Portugal, whose father tried to marry her to her uncle in part because he believed she couldn't hold the crown on her own (she couldn't, but she was also 7/8 and there were other issues at stake), and had just come off reading something about Antony and Cleopatra, which was talking about the "effeminatizing" of the Roman solider and the "masculinity" of "Ptolemy's queen". Or it be because I spent most of my days as the only female in a program dominated by men, who spent more time at the scholarship for which taking about FIFA (and watching it) than actually anything to do with computer science beyond watching it on live stream.

Or maybe I just need something to obsess over and have chosen this for whatever reason.
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I'm going with the first reason you give: you spend a lot of time on politics and plot. Even in fics with those elements, most of the time the romance is center focus, and the politics revolve around that.

I've always heard - and believed - that fandom is primarily made of women. It's why most people assume you're female unless proven otherwise.
That's how I think too - but that I also attribute to a history of strong female presences in my life, the physical absence of most of the strong males, and an all-girl's boarding school.

I always knew CJ Cherryh was a female author. She's possibly my favorite author at the moment. Her books are so plot and politics heavy that my mom has never been able to read them - GRR Martin spends more time on sex. And possibly JRR Tolkien on romance. So the fact that people think women can't write politics/plot is just strange to me.

(I also recently found out she married her - female - illustrator recently. Being a lesbian in 80s/90s/00s etc science fiction must have been difficult. where is the movie on her life?)
I didn't know CJ Cherryh was a female author. Mostly because when I think of science fiction, I think of the Big Ones, all of which are men. It's so cool that she's a lesbian on top of it all. I would totally watch a movie on her life!
That makes me 2x as more eager to read her books, though I'm nervous I won't like them~
They are very interesting - very political, very in depth world-building wise, and very involved. circles within circles. My mom has never been able to get into them, but i love them.
It's nothing to really stress about. We all go on assumptions based upon what a writer/poster focuses on because for some reason its weird to go 'are you a guy or a girl?' like it even matters.

I had one favorite slash writer that I assumed was a woman until he mentioned that he was actually a man in one of his personal posts. My assumption was based solely on the fact that he could write one hell of a romance along with having a great ability for world building. I've decided to not speculate on his orientation because it doesn't matter since he's an awesome person in general.
It doesn't matter, not really, i was just curious as the motivation behind it. It was bizarre and I like ranting for no good reason.