icarus is falling | a John Sheppard fanmix

A general John Sheppard fan mix. Because everybody needs music for those long nights where the guilt and the loss and shame claws at your mind, not allowing you to sleep - not even allowing yourself to breath.

icarus is falling on 8tracks

Devil's Spoke Laura Marling
All These Things That I've Done Live Jam
Man In The Wilderness Frank Bradford
Losing My Religion R.E.M.
Black Flies Ben Howard
Eric's Song Vienna Teng
Fire On The Mountain Rob Thomas
Call Me Shinedown
I'm With You Avril Lavine
Oh, John. I really love him, you know? Most of the time I am overwhelmed by Rodney feels, but I really do love John.

This fanmix is FANTASTIC ♥
:D I'm glad you approve bb. It's a bit shorter than I wanted and, oddly, went from being almost all female vocalists to overwhelmingly male when I was trimming it down, but I like it myself.

I'm mostly with the John feels myself, but Rodney definitely gets his share.
Yin and Yang. Opposite, but complimentary.

Plus, John feels are a bit more musical than Rodney's. (Unless you know any that apply off the top your head).