Almost Lover | a Sam/Jack fanmix

It was bound to happen. Here's a Sam/Jack playlist for Sights Unseen.

Almost Lover on 8tracks

One Ed Sheeran
Almost Lover A Fine Frenzy
Your Biggest Mistake Ellie Goulding
Hands Clean Alanis Morissette
The Words Christina Perri
Safe The Airborne Toxic Event
Make This Go On Forever Snow Patrol
You Could Be Happy Snow Patrol
All I Ever Wanted The Airborne Toxic Event
Spoils of War (The OK Song) Sugar Gylder
Ooo, some interesting song choices. I only know the one song - the song this mix is named after. I've been meaning to listen to more Ed Sheeran. And I recognize the names of all the other artists XD Looks good!
I'm a huge fan of The Airborne Toxic event, which is why one of their songs almost always appears in my mixes. But I think this one goes together rather well.