The Ancient!John 'Verse: S3 Master Post

The Ancient!John 'Verse: S3 Master Post

Civilizations fall. Empires rise. But there is no averting apotheosis, not when one is an Ascended being...

The entire third season of the Ancient!John 'verse - ie, SGA's S3, with bits of SG1's S10 and SGU's S1 thrown in. Also available on AO3.

A part of the Locality Universe.

  1. Defensor: In which Iohannes returns.

  2. Idolon: In which cake is eaten, a movie is watched, and feelings are discussed.

  3. Manes: In which Daniel Jackson and SG-1 finally make it to Atlantis.

  4. Imperator: In which the Genii return.

  5. Daemones: Asuras still stands.

  6. Cor Leonis: A king is born.

  7. Angelus: Jeannie learns the truth.

  8. Princeps: A king is made.

  9. Alii: In which there is a rift in space/time.

  10. Iudex: The Ancients return to Atlantis.

  11. Exsul: In which almost no one is happy.

  12. Percantator: In which there is a question.

  13. Sponsi: In which there is an answer.

  14. Medici: In which the Second Expedition is formed.

  15. Ascensiones: Things fall apart.

  16. Coniunx: It's the wedding of the millennium.

  17. Haereticus: The centre cannot hold.