The Ancient!John 'Verse: S2 Master Post

The Ancient!John 'Verse: S2 Master Post

Once upon a time a man so loved his city and those who came to inhabit it that he gave his life so that they would not perish...

The entire second season of the Ancient!John 'verse - ie, SGA's S2, with bits of SG1's S9 thrown in. Also available on AO3.

A part of the Locality Universe.

  1. Martyr: They don't have the weaponry or the manpower to win. But that doesn't mean they'll stop trying.

  2. Socors: Rodney's day starts out badly. It gets better.

  3. Advena: Terra isn't what Iohannes expected.

  4. Heres: Evan Lorne would have never joined the Stargate program if his girlfriend hadn't cheated on him.

  5. Dei et Viri: Some things should stay lost.

  6. Socii: That which is lost is not always gone forever.

  7. Legati: Some things need to be found.

  8. Fradator: Never let your sense of morals get in the way of doing what's right.

  9. Atlas: Anything involving the Stargate Program has a way of conflating emotions.

  10. Messias: The truth cannot stay hidden forever.

  11. Coniurati: In which Iohannes is taken.