Locality Universe Timeline Master Post

Locality Universe Timeline Master Post

Because Locality covers events across multiple galaxies and civilizations, it is hard to divide events into discrete packets. Thusly events on the timeline where they would appear in the Alteran/Tau'ri scheme of things, with priority to the first. The Dominion of the Tau'ri extends beyond the First Expedition Era, into the present day, but events within it that would have occurred during the Second Expedition Era or the Loegrian Period are listed in those sections, and so on.

  1. Pre-Avalonian Period: Rise of Civilization thru The Schisma (prehistory - 65.1 mya)

  2. The Major Diaspora: The Major Diaspora (65.1 - 64.4 mya)

  3. Avalonian Period: The Age of Colonization thru The Plague Years (64.4 mya - 8343 BCE)

  4. The Minor Diaspora: The Minor Diaspora (8343 - 8338 BCE)

  5. First Lantean Period:The Pre-War Era thru The Exodus (8338 - 19 June 8199 BCE)

  6. The Lost Years:The Archaic Period thru Dominion of the Tau'ri (19 June 8199 BCE - 7 July 2004)

  7. Second Lantean Period: First Expedition Era thru Asuran Counterstrike (7 July 2004 - 6 July 2007 CE)

  8. Loegrian Period:Third Expedition Era thru Battle of the Super Hive (6 July 2007 - 21 August 2009 CE)

  9. Augustan Period: TB (21 August 2009 - present)