Long Dark Teatime of the Soul

Is it a sign of growing up or fanfic snobbishness that I can't go on without shuddering?

I mean, granted, fanfic isn't the be all, end all of literature, but seems to collect the dregs like nobodies' business. Just reading the summaries is usually enough to give me a headache, but I've been desperate enough lately to try to find some for the YA novels I've been reading lately and that's where all the fics for those seem to congregate, so I gave it ago. And let me just say, I was not impressed. Even less so with the fic I did try to read. I understand writing takes experience, by why does an author who write coherently and form an otherwise delightful and thought-provoking narrative find the need to fuel her narrative by "toughening" her character so she can make "hard choices" by having her violently raped? Couldn't she "toughen" her some other way? Did she really need to be "toughened"? And besides having the end result of turning her into something of a Mary Sue, who is always right no matter what she does, in any context, what sort of message are you sending where the male and female leads only get together after he gets brutally maimed and she gets brutally raped? Are you saying that is the only way they could get together?

And that's just the fanfic. I finished reading the fourth novel in the Bloodlines series today - the spin-off of Vampire Academy, which was actually quite good - and let me just say I've rarely been so unimpressed by published literature as I was with that. When you have to start creating reasons to keep your characters apart out of the blue - including that one's magical ability is diminished upon losing one's virginity - then you have a problem.

Anyway, besides being disgusted with YA in general, things have been okay. My first summer semester finished on friday, and I think I did rather well (my one class: Linear Algebra). My second summer semester doesn't start for another week and is all online anyway, so we'll see how it goes. I've gotten some decent writing done today (I hope), for both AJ and SU - though how many people are actually interested in SU is another matter entirely. I have to admit it's down heartening to post a story and get minimal reviews, even to say that my story sucked (which, thankfully, no one's done, but still).

I've also decided to post things on Redbubble after the first thing I uploaded just to have a version for myself actually sold something.
Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 10.16.13 AM
I'm not entirely happy with how it turned out, but that's the perfectionist in me. I've already ordered a light grey version for myself as a "I survived another semester" present. If anyone else has any designs they'd like me to make, let me know and I'll see if I can do it. Though i suppose I should be working on the professional website I'm building for my web design work...

Le sigh. So much to do. So little time. So little energy to do it with.
I've tried to find fanfiction for YA novels as well; I completely understand your frustration and disappointment. You'd think "YA novel means young readers, thus young writers", but given how popular Twilight and Hunger Games is, we just know that's not true. There's really no excuse.

Actually, now that I think about it, I *am* in one YA fandom - the Monstrumologist fandom. But there are only like...3, 4 writers in it? And they're all talented writers. WOO HOO.
That's good. I've tried to find fic for Vampire Academies, Bloodlines and, Tamora Pierce's Tortall books, but each is worse than the last. They may be posting in less mainstream places that i've yet to find, but... I doubt it. It's very disappointing.
I get so frustrated with as it is hard to navigate

I much prefer AO3 as it is a lot easier to navigate and read and Wraithbait although I still cant find a decent archive apart from AO3 for SG1 fanfic
I agree entirely. does the job, but doesn't do it well. AO3 is the best medium I've seen so far for fic.
So true. But organizationally, AO3 is the better platform. serves its purpose if you're just looking for fic and willing to shift through a whole lot of dross even to find the chaff, but AO3's tagging and sorting features are a boon - especially for me, as I tend to sort by hit count when looking for fic in a new fandom.

Plus, I occasionally feel that is made up entirely of 12 year old girls, or at least children with vastly under-grade reading/writing levels. Perhaps I'm just seeing things, but you tend to find a slightly higher quality on AO3, if only by the simple fact that the invitation-only part of it weeds out the very worst of it.

I know exactly what you mean. The number of fics I have read that have not been checked or proof read the grammar and spelling is dreadful

Considering I don't actually have anything to post except comments on AO3 I don't need to join
(nod) It's like they don't even try. Admittedly, I don't have a beta either, but at least I go back and reread and edit, and make changes when someone points out an error. (facepalm)