Signal Boost

So, I saw this on sgamadison's page LJ today and blatantly stole it from her (as she stole it from syble4):

This week, I'm working on reducing my overall laziness (i.e. stress level-Inertia).One, of my many goals, is to post more often. To that effect, this week my posing goal is to post everyday this week (yes, I know I missed Monday, but you can consider this a belated Monday post since I'll post something else as well.)

So, while I'm at it, I hereby issue a CHALLENGE to everyone on my friend list.

Post something - anything - this week. A picture, phrase, recommendations, pontifications of random stuff - anything.

And if you are like me, and want to see more activity on LJ, try to do it every day this week.

I'm doing this initially for me but I sure wouldn't mind if, in our efforts to post, we could bring a little life back to LJ in the process.

That's true enough! I've always said that I would have to care about someone enough to make time for them in my life, and man, *that* has certainly proven to be the case!

But when you do, oh, when you do, it's the best ever. :-)