Vampire Academy commentary

I've been on a YA book kick lately. Saturday I read Mirror Sight, the latest Green Rider book. Sunday I read the entire Selection series - which started out reasonably decent and descended into cliche. Today I read the first 1.5 books of Vampire Academy. And while it's not life changing, it is pretty well done.

The movie though. The movie sucks so much that I have absolutely no words for how bad it was. I must have sent 50 texts to popkin16 complaining about it during - at least. It was horrifically bad, which horrible acting, disjoined scene transitions, and horrific one liners that fell flat more than they actually succeeded.

As a public service announcement, I ask you all spare yourself the pain, should you ever fall into the same madness I did. 
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Given the direction of the Green Rider series, I may just wait until it's finished before diving in. I've learned that I am SUPER PICKY about my YA literature; I get bored with it easily. I liked Evil Genius well enough; I may have to find my copy and re-read it, actually. Have you read the Sweep Series? I haven't read it in ages, so I may be remembering how much I enjoyed it through rose-tinted glasses, but yeah.

Also, I really enjoyed your texts - they were a wonderful distraction from that crappiness that is work. Feel free to text me like that any time!
I have read neither of those. I will have to check them out.

For all the pain of the green rider series, I think it's worth reading them all now. It could be years before they're all out. I remember reading the first one in like 10th grade which was a decade ago now, and may have been old even then. All I know is, good literature is hard to find. For all you may know, you may die or loose your eyesight before the next book comes out. Do not deny yourself the pleasure.

But, yeah, green rider is mostly pain and frustration. Destined with het and horses.

I'm. Glad you enjoyed the texts. At least someone should have gotten some enjoyment out of that movie.
I hope you don't find them a waste of time....

Hmm. That's a very good point. On the other hand, if I die or lose my eyesight, then that means I'll never discover how they end. So the question is: do I start them knowing I may never read the ending, or never start them and possibly miss out?

I think I'll give them a try, actually. Just gotta prepare myself for pain and frustration!

lol that's the only way to enjoy the movie - listen to someone else livetext it XD
We shall see, but if you like them, they can't all be that bad.

If you go blind before the books end, I will read them to you. I can't help with the dead thing, but definitely read them if you ever get the chance.


It really, truly is.
I liked then when I read them, but that was a long time ago. I don't know if they stand the test of time.

It just now occurred to me that if I'm blind, I can just utlize audiobooks. There's not as many audiobooks as there are published ones, but at least it's something. If I go blind, I'm not sure what I'll do about fic though...a terrifying thought.