we will be | an atlantis mix

Inspired by the fact that I'm always talking about Atlantis' song in the Ancient!John 'verse, I set out to create a soundtrack that adequately portrays it. It reached about 50 songs and covered nearly 4 hours before I decided to upload it, but because of uploading laws on 8tracks, I had to break it into several parts.

Here are Parts 1 - 4, comprising 47 songs and 3:38 hours.

we will be (I) on 8tracks

Life Ludovico Einaudi
The City Failed Last Days
A Promise to Return BSG OST 2

Caravanserai Loreena McKennitt
Roslin and Adama Reunited BSG OST 4
Arrival of the Birds / Exodus
The Crimson Wing
Between Vienna Teng
Experience Ludovico Einaudi

we will be (II) on 8tracks

An Easterly View BSG OST 4
Soon Love Soon Vienna Teng
I Give Up Elijah Bossenbroek
Primavera Ludovico Einaudi
Ten Thousand Years Won't Save Your Life Hammock
The Dream of a Normal Death DW OST 3
Little Letters Paper Aeroplanes
So Much Life BSG OST 4
The Gates of Istanbul Loreena McKennitt

we will be (III) on 8tracks

Violence and Variations BSG OST 3
Andare Ludovico Einaudi
Together Alone Hammock
Chasing the Sun Sara Bareilles
Finding Beauty Escala
Incantation Loreena McKennitt
Fly Ludovico Einaudi
The Mummer's Dance Loreena McKennitt
Elysium, Honour Him, Now We Are Free Gladiator OST
(Tonight) We Burn Like Stars That Never Die Hammock
Down The Stairs (Victoria's Theme) The Young Victoria OST
Allegro BSG OST 2
The Shore Basia Bulat

we will be (IV) on 8tracks

Healing Katniss THG OST
Passacaglia BSG OST 1
Gravity Vienna Teng
Doubt - Andante Cantabile Twilight Piano Series
Prologue Loreena McKennitt
Inara's Suite Firefly OST
Some Die Young Laleh
London Hymn Josh Groban
River's Perception / Saffron Firefly OST
Run Ludovico Einaudi
Time to Be Paper Aeroplanes
One Year Later BSG OST 2
Hiroki's Melody The Place Promised in Our Early Days
Madame de Pompadour DW OST 1 & 2
New Orleans Instrumental No. 1 R.E.M.
To Build A Home The Cinematic Orchestra
The Cosmos Is Yours Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey OST

Oh man. I think I may listen to this as I read fic, just to reinforce the Atlantis-ness of what I'm reading. These look FANTASTIC, I recognize some of the artist names, though much of the music is new to me. I love your fanmixes!
:D That's wonderful to hear bb - exactly my goal actually. Please enjoy. They can be listened to in any order. This just so happens to be the one I enjoy.

I have no doubt I will enjoy :D It's a wonderful background noise; it helps me block distracting noise~