So, five years ago I wrote this HP fic called, "Someone To Run To," which was based on the premise that the only way Sirius could have survived would be if Snape had believed Harry about the whole Department of Mysteries thing- and that the only way Snape might have done this is if he liked Harry, which I postulated would be possible if he looked less like his father and more like his mother. I took this to the extreme, with always-a-girl!Harry. Thus, a somewhat curious girl!Harry/Snape fic that was my first foray into writing fan fiction and gathered a fair amount of attention at the time. It still gets a fair number of reviews even now, but it's been a long time since it got two reviews on one day, like today.

I feel I should celebrate or something, possibly by going back and giving it the Beta-ing it very much needs and deserves.

I think I'll settle for telling you guys about it here.