Some Notes

It occurs to me that I've not actually posted anything personal (i.e., not AJ related) in a while, so I thought I might rectify that.

I'm almost 2 weeks into my first summer session class - Linear Algebra. It's going much more smoothly than Calc 2 ever did, but 2 hours of it every day of the week is a little exhausting. Our first test is tomorrow, so we'll se how it goes. I also have the seminar again, which isn't so bad except that our Overlord decided that we should do web design, which I pretty much already do every day. That seems to be mutating into a Go Lang/GitHub application, but we'll see what actually happens.

I went and got my ears pierced again today, partly because I wanted to get them pierced again, but mostly because I was in need of an endorphin high, and I'm one of those who get endorphin highs from this sort of thing. I'm sure my mom will freak out when she finds out, but I really don't care. Dad probably will be furious as well, but that doesn't matter because I've not actually talked to him since I moved into this apartment almost a month ago. He's also at his Teach For America training, which promises to be eventful because his roommate's the head of the Texas branch of one LGBT group or another and my father is nowhere near as liberal and accepting as he likes to claim.

My brother leaves for LDAC this weekend, which is a source of some concern as he's getting over mono. But I've not actually spoken to him either since I moved in, so I don't know how bad it really is.

I have seen my mom - I ran into her at the Farmer's Market once, and we've been riding bikes together on sundays - and so that's something at lest. I get a little lonely here, but for the most part I love being on my own. The view is incredible and having my own space is amazing and the sheer weight of mental stress that's been lifted off my shoulders by not having to deal with my family every day is astounding.

I finished reading Feast for Crows today, which was a definite disappointment. I know I'm not the biggest fan of the series, but this one was like he just phoned it in until the last 100 pages. I admit to extreme concern for Loras, who I somehow managed to become attached to in this book, and a more than passing interest in Margery's wellbeing. I hope the next book proves to be as better as everyone claims.

Work on AJ is fitful, but I think I've reworked my plans for "Vir" enough to get the chapter written. Which I'll go do now.
I'm glad you're doing well despite a few moments of feeling lonely. And yay for the chance to buy new cool earrings! :) I've never had my ears pierced, somehow just never got around to it as my friends did.

And good luck with all the school stuff! *hugs*

Sorry I can't chat for longer, things are not well with my SGARB fic, but help is fortunately on the way. Talk more later!
I got my first one when I was 5. The rest, as they say, is history.

I'm sorry your fic isn't going so well. Mine's proving difficult too, but as I've been told, that's what I always say.