i ____ you | a lorne/zelenka mix

Yes, yes, I know. I'm on a soundtrack kick. I blame this one on my rather annoying writer's block and the extreme Lorne/Zelenka feels I managed to give myself following the last chapter of "Vir".

That being said, it's somewhat more mainstream than I think the characters might appreciate, and also somewhat backwards, but... enjoy.

Blinded (When I See You) Third Eye Blind
Give Me Love Ed Sheeran
Please Don't Say You Love Me Gabrielle Aplin
Agape Bear's Den
Love Alone Is Worth The Fight Switchfoot
Shot In The Dark Augustana
Deep Into Summer Sugar Glyder
Catalyst Anna Nalick
The One That Got Away (Acoustic) The Civil Wars
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Miley Cyrus
Everything Has Changed Taylor Swift
Some of these songs are SO FITTING. (The others I don't know yet, so I can't say). But I dearly love the title to this!
Please listen to it. I think they fit very well, if they are, as I said, somewhat backwards.

I kind of adore the title too. It just came to me this morning, and, well, not my most creative use of photoshop ever, but...
I think the cover looks nice :) I really like simple designs; I very much believe you can have too much going on in an art piece. IDK, I just like the entire thing - the songs, the coverart, all of it.
I definitely agree with that. My opinion about art/web design/things of that nature is minimalistic works best. At least, on the internet.

I'm glad you like it though. :D