Covert Affairs S3 commentary

There is a point in every show that you must admit that the shark has been jumped, and I think I can safely say that occurs somewhere in this season.

Don't get me wrong, I liked the edgier storyline - at first. But once we get into the whole "oh my god, there is a Russian operative in the CIA"/"let's frame Annie!"/"Annie's out for revenge" story lines, well, things get... odd. It seems highly out of character for Annie to do most of what she does this season, considering how (somewhat charmingly, somewhat annoyingly) naive she is at the beginning of it. I understand this is the influence of several of her bosses at work, but it still seems highly out of character, particularly the revenge part.

We also return to the annoying story line of Annie's life being dominated by her relationship to men - first Simon, whose romance was somewhat grating but more interesting than Ben Mercer's, then by Eyal, whose relationship towards her was almost entirely friendship and the writers/producers trying to force it towards romance did a serious case of WTF with this viewer, at least. The thing is, Annie is a strong enough character not to need a male force to dominate her life - S2 proved that. However, by trying to introduce a romance, they repeatedly undermined her self-determination, respectability, and integrity. By repeatedly trying to introduce a romance, they risked her job and her personality to a level I believe no woman - at least, no woman working for the CIA - would ever go. Women can exist separate of men, if they so wish. Go figure.

This is further exacerbated by the removal of her sister from most of the episodes, the inexplicable drug addiction her boss develops in the second half of the season, entirely out of the blue; and the betrayal of the only other strong female character in her life. When added to her relationships with men and her new willingness to kill her enemies, they nearly entirely undermine the woman they created in the first two seasons.

However: they succeeded in not turing the thing with Eyal into a romance, merely a close friendship that others read as a romance. This is not the easy route for them to take, and gives me hope. Additionally, baring the season-long "let's build roadblocks to keep Annie and Auggie apart", the relationship between those two characters has always interested me more than the others, possibly for my deep seated love of snark.

In short: boredom got me through this season. There is only one more left on AmazonPrime, and so I shall watch it, but I am entirely prepared to give up this show if any more sharks get jumped. Maybe it's an even-numbered season thing, like ST movies.

The fanfic still sucks though.
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