Covert Affairs S2 commentary

S2 of Covert Affairs is almost infinitely better due to the lack of Ben Mercer.

Granted, his appearance in the first episode of the season is most trying, but with the abandonment of the "this three week fling shaped the next 2 years of my life, I'm so in love with a guy I never really knew" storyline, Annie is allowed to progress as a person, giving her character. What more, she's allowed to fail and be shown failing, which gives her a wonderful "the hero is not always right" quality this time around.

There are a couple of WTF moments, mostly in relation to the utterly random near-sex scene that became only somewhat less random when it turned into a honeypot thing. Auggie's sudden relationship with Parker just as Annie starts to come around is a little WTF as well, because, while there is chemistry, it's a little "I'm suddenly obsessed with this person I've never met."

Why can writer's never write realistic love stories?

But other then that, it was very well done. Better than S1. The fanfic still sucks, but I actually look forward to S2.
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