Covert Affairs S1 commentary

Covert Affairs is something I dimly remember watching the first season of and abandoning because it failed to hold my interest. Recently, I've given it a second shot and the first thing I've got to say is, at least it's better than OUAT.

Don't get me wrong. It's not a bad show. Annie Walker is a delightfully strong female character who can kick ass and manages to remain rather feminine at the same time. That's not a combination you often see in the media.

No, my major problem is her primary storyline - the whole Ben Mercer thing. The whole being "burned" by a relationship thing gets taken just a little too far when it continues to be the driving force behind all her actions almost two years later. Particularly when it's almost impossible for me to see any chemistry between the actors at all. However, this time my viewing of it was helped along by the fact that the guy who plays Mercer played August in OUAT, allowing me to dismiss the whole relationship as ridiculous rather than merely absurd.

Other than Ben Mercer, the story's not that bad. A little far fetched, maybe. A little beyond the imagination, but not bad. It has very strong, female characters that are defined beyond their relationships with the men in their lives, even if that still is largely the case (i.e., Mercer). It can be a little grating at times, admittedly, to have to deal with how naive an trusting Annie can be considering she's in the spy business, but it's not terrible.

The fanfic I've found so far is, however. Granted, I'm rather a fan of Annie/Auggie, have been from the beginning (I remember mentioning this to my mom once, when the show first came on the air, and she said she couldn't see it). In my opinion, they're the only ones with any chemistry at all on the show, and all the other relationships they try to throw her way (Jai, Mercer, etc) fall remarkably flat. Auggie is quite a complex character, almost more interesting than Annie herself, and with the exception of his rather irritating way of using woman this season (if not entirely his choice), he's half the reason I stick around.

I look forward to S2 with more hope than I had with OUAT. Mostly, though, this is from the knowledge that Annie/Auggie does eventually happen, along with the knowledge that Mercer should disappear soon. Thank god.
Hopefully things will improve once Mercer is gone and Annie/Auggie happens! Too bad about the fanfiction though :( I am keeping my fingers crossed that you find a new fandom to occupy your time :D
I'm always on the lookout for good fan fiction.

S2 is moderately better so far. It still has its moments, but lacking the awfulness that is the Mercer storyline that occupied so much of the first, it improves. Somewhat.