Once Upon a Time S2 commentary

First off, I would like to congratulate myself for making it through this season of OUAT.

I honestly didn't think I'd make it. If possible, the show actually managed to become even less interesting than it was before. The first half of the season was utterly insipid, and while I'm all for girl power, the beginning team up of Mulan/Aurora/Emma/Snow at the beginning was just ridiculous. Not because they were all women, but because they were all one-sided heroes without any depth of character or interest to them at all.

In fact, to go off on a tangent about that, the only genuinely interesting character in the series is Mr Gold. Every other villain is reduced to someone with mommy/daddy issues, to the point that in trying to earn sympathy for any character they become irritating and whiny. Additionally, all the "strong" women are "strong" because they've been hurt by men, whether by their betrayal or by their loss, seeming to perpetuate the idea that women can't be strong unless their a) spurned and b) act like a man. Even Mulan is characterized by her obsession with Prince Phillip's wishes, which goes beyond honor and into spurned love.

But anyway. Almost everything that takes place in the Enchanted Forrest is ridiculous. The Greg/Tamara stuff at the end was even more ridiculous. Emma's reaction upon Neal's death was utterly out of character with how she'd been treating him earlier - as in, genuinely moved on. Snow's character arc was just forced, and there was more tension between David and Ruby in that one episode then there was between Snow/Charming the entire past two seasons, despite the fact they're apparently married in RL. And don't get me started on Neal/Emma

Gold/Belle continues to be the one interesting relationship in the series, though even it took some turns towards the end that made me roll my eyes. Henry's character develop tended towards whiny, to the point where his treatment towards the adults in his life and his obsession with being lied to get out of hand - he plays them all to get what he wants and is called a "hero" for it rather than a bratty kid. I mean, he stole dynamite and didn't even get time out. That's just not right.

In short: Netflix is out of seasons and I'm not going to pay to watch the next. The fic I've found so far is horrible, I don't care enough to read Gen and even the the shipy stuff is just bad - though I'm somewhat perturbed to find there are no ST:AOS/OUAT crossovers, which could be interesting I feel.

I tried. I give up.
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