Once Upon a Time S1 commentary

To be honest, I only started this up because I was bored and wanted noise in the background.

To be even more honest, I didn't particularly care for the show. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad, I just don't have many strong feelings for it - except for Belle/Rumpelstiltskin. I was in love with that ship before it the first episode with her in it was even over, and I'd strong Mr. Gold feelings before that. I find this odd, as I discovered the actress that plays her has played some of my least liked characters in other things, but I attribute it to a) the story, b) the accent, and c) her dark hair, which seems to me to be a marked improvement.

But moving on. I largely was ambivalent towards the main storyline. I disliked Mary Margret/David from the beginning and hated their Snow White/Prince Charming background even more. It seems to me like the show was trying entirely too hard to have strong female characters, to the point where they became parodies of strong female women - it's like that George RR Martin quote. Write interesting women, not necessarily strong ones. That's why I liked the Nova/Dreamy story so much. Nova may have been ditzy, but she was different and interesting, and Dreamy definitely eschewed some of the typical male/dwarf stereotypes.

Other than Mr. Gold, I actually disliked much of it. The costumes were over the top, the premise was sketchy at best, but it did have its moments - though I found myself growing more and more irritated at our supposed hero, Emma, than I ever did feel sympathetic towards her. She was noxious, unlikable, and stubborn to the point of incredulity. Most of her actions made no sense, her Huntsman relationship arc was just stupid, her relationship with Pinocchio interesting only because of Pinocchio himself, and largely ridiculous. Mostly, I watched for the side characters.

Speaking of which, for a "feminist" take on fairy tales, I love how when Mary Margret is called a "home wrecker' for breaking up David/Katelyn's marriage, she's the one called "tramp" and he gets almost none of the blame, when a) it's his fault things blew up the way they did, b) it's his marriage, and c) he's the one trying to have two relationships at once. Granted, she wasn't without blame, but the slut shaming was a) unjustified and b) counter to their supposedly progressive agenda.

But whatever. Maybe I'm just taking things too personally. Mostly, it flickered and made noise, and I got like half a puzzle put together watching it, so... it succeeded in being distracting.

I'll probably carry on watching, but only because of boredom.
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It surprises me you've stuck with it, bb. I had no idea you disliked so much of it - I knew you loved Belle/Rumplestilskin a lot, but the rest of it...

That sucks, I'm sorry :( You could try to find another show? Or you could read up on Teen Wolf (without subjecting yourself to the show) and just read fic for that?
I'm gonna stick with it. If I gave up on everything after one season, well, I'd never have even made it to SGA. And it's not that I hate it, its just that I prefer the secondary story lines better.

We'll see how S2 goes before moving on to something else.