So I'm watching Once Upon A Time, largely for lack of anything better to do, but mostly because I need new fic to read, because I don't have a big enough books to read stack in my apartment already as it is.

I don't think it will ever be a favorite, but that might have more to do with the main actress than anything else. I didn't like her in House and I don't particularly care for her here yet, but I remain hopeful. Though discovering that the guy who plays Archie/Jiminey Cricket is the voice actor behind Kaiden in Mass Effect and Carth in KOTOR was something of a let down - i.e., I've had longer and more emotionally fulfilling relationships with those characters in game than I have with any boyfriend in RL. But that's my own fault. But now that I know that, I can really tell, even if the voice doesn't match up with the mental picture I have for it.

It's been nice in the new place, though I've been very tired - probably the aftermath of moving and the crazy weekend before. The sunrise was breathtaking this morning.

I ended up deleting everything I wrote for the next installment of AJ, but have a tentative start on its replacement. (Why is writing so hard?) And I finally have an idea for the next SU, so... that's something at least. Wish me luck.
Good luck! :) And it's no wonder you feel tired, moving is exhausting both mentally and physically, it takes a while to recuperate and adjust to your new situation *hugs*
I'm doing a bit better, that's true. I even managed to get a fair amount of writing done yesterday, so we shall see how it goes.