I am firmly installed in my new apartment. And let me tell you, it has an utterly amazing view.

Plus, it actually has windows, which is a major improvement over my parents' garage on its own.

But, no, really, it's nice to have my own place at last. It was a bit of a pain moving everything, because while I don't exactly have a lot, what I do have is very heavy (i.e., books) or bulky (i.e., table). My dad and brother helped me carry everything in, which was nice, and then my dad abandoned me with all of it and said "I'll send your mom with slats for the bed," because apparently he'd gotten rid of the slats for my bed frame during some point in the last two years when I was basically sleeping on a mattress on the floor/on a cot. The best part is, he brought planks of wood that I had to saw to make fit because he couldn't be bothered to buy proper ones. It's not really a big deal, but it is a testament to his level of crazy. For instance, before he abandoned me, he did screw two of the parts of the bed frame together for me - but when I said I wanted the bed against a different wall, he got all snippy, like it was the worst idea ever. It was very... odd.

Anyway, it took me a couple hours to put everything away, after which mom arrived with my router for the internet, since the one I had wasn't working. It should have been plug and play, but it didn't recognize my mac because it has the latest OS on it, and so it led to three hours of customer support calls, somewhat hindered by the fact mom has never used a mac before and somewhat aided by the fact mom's job is to do this sort of thing. She was stabbing at the mousepad like she was going to kill it, and I was getting really worried for the structural integrity of my computer. Of course, but the time she's doing this I've run out of stuff to put away, so I end up just sitting on my bed unable to do anything or even show because she's still here. It was very aggravating, and while I'm glad it's fixed I would have not liked it to take until 9pm at night to do so.

It really is a gorgeous view. Boone has one of the rare distinctions of being part of NC that's actually west of the Appalachians, or at least the main spur of them, and so because I now live on the other side of town I have a wonderful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains, particularly as I'm on the 3rd floor. I have my desk right in front of the window and it is... amazing.

It's a bit of an odd place, this new apartment complex. It used to be part of this commune style thing that went commercial, so it's all very eco and there are pagoda-style things on the top of each roof. There's actually this meditation centre right new door that I might have to check out one day. It's also a bit of a drive, not because it's far from town (it's no farther than my parent's house, just on the other side of town), but because it's almost all uphill. When I went out to get groceries, I almost coasted all the way into town. I've still not figured out where I'm supposed to take out my trash yet either. Nor met any of my neighbors - though not that I've tried. I'm not a people person, shocker I know.

For anyone who really wants to see it, it's like the first eight pictures here.
I am so jealous of that view, it's simply astounding. The place looks good otherwise too I see you've got some great posters up already :)

Congratulations on finally getting a place of your own, have fun, enjoy, live free ^_^ *HUGS*
:D Yep. I may need more, but those were what I had already. And the view really is amazing.

I'm definitely enjoying having a place all my own. It's... wonderful. No random knocks at the door, the ability to eat food I want when I want it, no chainsaws in the distance... It's amazing.
Is it weird I am super excited and pleased that you have a place of your own?

I'm jealous of the view you have, though!
It is not weird. I'm super excited too. A full day of not having to deal with dad's bs... I can scarcely believe it.

Everyone's jealous of my view. Everyone.