T-22 hours and counting

I was going through Facebook today, unfriending a lot of people (mostly, if I couldn't remember/care who they were, they were unfriended) and I came across the fb page of a girl who had been one of my suite-mates senior year of high school.

She was a massive Stargate fan and tried to get me into the series at the time. I tried, but the first episode she showed me was "2001", which has the distinct displeasure of being one of my most-hated Stargate episodes even now. Needless to say, I didn't get into the series until many, many years later.

Now I kind of stupidly am wondering if she reads my fanfic for it. I'm uncertain how I feel about this and have decided not to explore the emotion too deeply.

In other news, it's moving day tomorrow. I can't pick up the keys until the afternoon, so all of the loading of vehicles and such will take place tomorrow morning rather than now, but I'm crossing my fingers that all goes well. I own remarkably little. Most of it is clothes (a lot of winter clothes). I still have a fair amount of books, though I pared down my collection still further (and dad has yet to give me the $20 from the used book store he owes me). Considering I was able to get all of my brothers belongings into my tiny car on saturday, I shouldn't have an issue tomorrow, especially as dad's taking what little furniture I have in his truck. I did go out and splurge and bought a decent table at a thrift store, and a really nice reading chair at a restoration place. I still need to get a desk chair, but I'm holding out on that because dad gets this LOOK when I bring home things that are nice/cost money/exist.

Work is going fairly well. I've got most of the new tour stuff up and should have it ready to publish on Friday. I'm at the point in my life where I'm making all the logos that have "sustainable" in them have trees where the t should be. Because that is where I am.

And I'm actually stuck in a rut fan fiction wise. I seem to be having a hard time writing anything, and actually watched Skyfall to have new fic to read the other day. If anyone has any suggestions for either (the writing or the reading) let me know.
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You should message your former suite-mate with a message about how you totally get Stargate love now :D See if it sparks a conversation.

Good luck tomorrow! I think you'll need it. But even if your dad is a monster tomorrow, you're out of his house! What a fantastic feeling that will be.
I facebook stalked her - she works at our old high school now. I should run into her if I go to my reunion... next year? or is it the year after? Hmmmm....

Dad's been a monster tonight, but not too bad. I cleaned out my fridge today and the only thing left that I hadn't eaten was alcohol, and that's just promoted a whole bunch of LOOKS from both my parents. (shakes head).