insatiable | fanmix yourself

I've done it. I've finally gone and fanmixed myself. It doesn't follow any of the specific memes - it's just songs that kind of fit me and my personality and my musical likes. It also ended up a lot happier and optimistic than I expected; my first passes at this were rather melancholy, but that may come one day too. So... enjoy.

insatiable on 8tracks

Cups Anna Kendrick
Leap of Innocence Liz Phair
Closer to Fine Indigo Girls
The Middle Jimmy Eat World
Got My Own Thing Liz Phair
Her Diamonds Rob Thomas
A Praise Chorus Jimmy Eat World
Plea From A Cat Named Virtue The Weakerthans
Can't Go Wrong Phillip Phillips
Wake Me Up Boyce Avenue
I thought you might like it.

I don't even know why i made the mix, but my brother is crashing in my bedroom while my sister is here and it was either that or try to write, which is presence made difficult.
I know what distraction does to the creative process

Oh please send me your new address when you move into your flat

Oh has the parcel arrived yet?
The parcel arrived yesterday. I thought I'd sent out the requisite YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON email, but yesterday was so crazy I may have only imagined it. It is/was amazing and perfect and you have know idea how much I needed chocolate right then. And the Atlantis pin - where on earth did you find it? It was perfect.

Its amazing how many people sell collectables unfortunately l cant find John or Rodney figurines that dont cast an arm and a leg but other stuff...

Next EmCon l will look out for more
Im a very careful shopper and look hard for bargains and the perfect gifts

Im glad you liked the parcel contents