I have the most adorable brother ever.

This is probably wrong to say, because he is 21 and can be a pain sometimes, but I adore him. I also had to go pick him up from his dorm today, which is a mistake because I have a tiny Honda Fit that can fit a lot but hot exactly the entire contents of a dorm room, whereas my parents have a truck that can fit much, much more. But my parents were off entertaining my sister, who has come up for the weekend because of Dad's graduation.

But anyway, my brother is adorable because he bought me a house warming present for my apartment:


One of his classmates on the hall paints and has a minor Marvel obsession, so my brother bought this off him for me. It's adorable, and Iron Man really is my favorite, and my brother remembered that and it's just... He is adorable. He's also going to be at Fort Carson for part of the summer for something ROTC, which I'm kind of absurdly jealous of because Fort Carson is right near Cheyenne Mountain and I'm geek enough to want to see it.

We've still got to unpack my car of his stuff, but can't be bothered because it's raining and dad made us go to walmart after we finished loading everything up. It's a queer kind of revenge, but there you have it.
Between the insanity, yes. That doesn't even begin to cover the madness dad's graduation has been today.