Exam Week

So we have come to the loveliest time of year: exam week. Luckily, I seem to have freed myself from the soul-crushing depression that loomed over most of last week, so I can concentrate on studying.

The damage is: Monday 9am, Discrete Math; Monday 3pm, Calculus II; Friday 12pm, Analytical Physics II; Friday 3pm, Computer Science II. Which kind of sucks, but is better than it could be. I also have to meet up with my Big Boss for the Office of Sustainability on Tuesday afternoon and have a normal meeting on Wends morning with the Energy Center People. And in between I have to get ready to move into my apartment on the 15th.

The only one I'm really worried about is calculus, but I should be able to scrape through. I hope. We get to bring our notes with us - all of them - to the exam, so I'm the process of rewriting them. One page at a time. In between reading 00Q fic, because while I don't particularly see the ship in the movie, it is at least something new to read and the book i'm nominally reading Storm of Swords is far less interesting than I'd hoped. Plus, I'd forgotten how much I actually hate almost all of the characters.

Anyhow, work on AJ is progressing nicely. I'm a little behind on SU, finally having decided that I'm not going to do a drabble for "Singularity" and move on - as soon as I have time. I've also decided that SU will run through the start of SG1, where things in my 'verse go a little AU, and will be followed by another series, which will run through S8, and then be followed by drabbles connecting it to AJ. As They are all in the same head canon 'verse, I've been knocking about ideas for what to call the Whole Collection of works. I'm rather taken with Field Theory at the moment - Field Theory being, "A field theory is a physical theory that describes how one or more physical fields interact with matter."

I hope to have the next chapter of each up sometime this next week.
I like the idea of the entire collection being called Field Theory, too :D