So I have an apartment.

Well, technically I don't have it until 15 May, but there is an apartment and it is in all but the most technical senses is mine. It's a little ways out of town, on this failed commune that cropped up around this Meditation Retreat thing that's right next door, but it's a nice place and has the most WONDERFUL view and I shall shortly have a third floor apartment with a view of the blue ridge mountains not far from the parkway, only 15 minutes from school.

Granted, it's only a studio, so there's no kitchen, but there's a bathroom I don't have to traipse all over creation to get to and it will be mine, my own, and I can watch bad SyFy and eat whatever I want whenever I want and generally have space and I'm so excited.

Yay!!! Super congrats, bb. I know you'll do much better away from your crazy family. ;)
I'm so happy for you, congratulations! ^_^ *squishy hugs* Even if it's a studio, it's still better than a garage, and you will manage. Maybe you can find a small fridge and a portable stove somewhere? I bet the view is lovely, and will make up for the lack of kitchen :)

Best of all, the place is all yours, enjoy it to the fullest :)
It comes with a small fridge and a microwave, so that's something, and there's a shared kitchen at the end of the hall if I really need to cook, but I should be good. I am so glad my boss told me about this place.
Me too ^_^ I wish I could come over for a house warming party *sends over virtual salt and bread* (it's a custom over here to bring bread and salt to a new home, don't know if you do that over there too)

Glad to hear cooking won't be a problem :) Seems like you've got everything you need ^_^
I've heard of that tradition, though not generally in a local sense.

Yeah. I just need to buy a proper desk and maybe a table, and I should be good.