Hey guys. For once I have good news: there's a chance I'll be able to move into my own place sometime over the summer.

Don't get me wrong. My garage has gotten quite cozy now that I have heat and an electric blanket and carpet and such, and the cost is good now that mom's talked dad around to free, but it's still a garage. In my parents' house. And my dad can make my life miserable.

So anyway, my boss told me about this failed-commune with cheap apartments (I think she's been looking for an apartment for me harder than I have), and I've got an appointment to met with them on Friday, so we'll see how it goes then. I remain hopeful.

In other news, I wore one of my two new Stargate shirts that came in the other day - and no comments. None whatsoever. It's depressing. But I tried.
I thought it was cool anyway. (If you look, you can see the tracks for the garage door overhead. Because GARAGE).

My LED cube is also fairly far along. I finished tinning and soldering all the wires to the base today, so yeah. fun. That's 52 wires right there. Tonnes of fun. Side effect of all this is that, while rewatching Iron Man 1 and 2 over the weekend, I found Tony's soldering inexplicably hot. Not that I didn't before, just, more so. SCIENCE! and all that. (facepalm). This is why I will die single and alone.
You will do well with a place of your own but it can be lonely although if you have good friends it helps. Great news about the flat though.

I love the tshirt
:D I'm glad someone likes the tshirt. It was such a disappointment when no one said anything at school.

The apartment's just across town, so it's not like I'd be too far away, but it's enough. More than enough. There are some days when I just can't stand to be in this house. And other's when I'm mostly irritated. (yn)
(nod) Sorry. Mom was "consoling" me this weekend that I'd probably get married late. It's messed with my head.
Love the shirt! Maybe they were just too shy to comment, there may be Stargate lurkers out there :)

Crossing my fingers and toes for you to get the chance to move out! *hugs*
If it wasn't for the fact May 1 is the day before the last day of classes, I'd have done it then, but I don't want to deal with all that mess right before finals.